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Identifying and managing environmental risk to support business transactions.

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Michael Bell Receives PRISM’s Highest Honor LightBox PRISM Awards - Industry Hall of Fame

Michael Bell Receives PRISM’s Highest Honor

Induction into the Lightbox Industry Hall of Fame

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Given the recent pressure on commercial real estate transactions, lenders and insurance carriers need an understanding of environmental risk to help navigate through the underwriting, special servicing, foreclosure and loan purchase process. 

Are these questions keeping you up at night?

  • Are there environmental liabilities on the collateral that will cost me money if I take ownership?
  • What environmental risks should I understand during the underwriting process to book a profitable account?
  • How long will it take to address the environmental liability associated with the real estate?
  • What are my options? 
  • Where do I start?

Don’t go it alone.
Partner with a team that offers just the right amount of due diligence to determine how environmental risk translates into dollars and cents. You need environmental solutions tailored for your business to help you understand the risks and available options that meet your specific needs.

Don’t worry.
We won’t send you reports with complicated scientific jargon. We’ll provide you with a business-friendly, straight to the point communication report. And to ensure your success, we help guide transactions to successful outcomes.

“For over 10 years Bell Oldow has provided Northeast Bank with environmental consulting and diligence services that we rely on for direct lending, loan purchasing, and workout. Their experience in both environmental science and lending gives us great confidence that we are well informed about potential risks from our collateral.”

Patrick Dignan
Executive Vice President & Chief Credit Officer 
Northeast Bank