Bell Oldow provides due diligence services and products. Partners Michael Bell and David Oldow exercise flexibility in satisfying clients’ particular due diligence needs. We are committed to providing “just the right amount” of problem-solving, documentation and guidance. Bell Oldow is always focused on our clients’ goals. We provide the due diligence support necessary to improve the certainty of execution of our clients’ deals. It could be a five minute phone call, being embedded in a due diligence team or as an outsource turnkey option. Bell Oldow will be your trusted go-to-guys.

Bell Oldow can collect original data and/or work with existing service providers and their reports. We can add value by organizing and comparing data across a portfolio and by assigning risk-ratings with cost-to-cure and time-to-cure values using our Collateral Snapshot™ product. We provide our clients with both risk management and business opportunity analyses. By clearly defining assets with known or potential liabilities, our clients can price deals appropriately and to their benefit. We are always willing and able to generate documentation that satisfies our customers’ regulatory needs.