Environmental RoadMap™

The environmental reviews PREFERRED by CRE whole loan buyers and servicers

Environmental Roadmaps® are desktop environmental reviews designed specifically to support the competitive market for commercial real estate loans.   CRE investors gain an advantage in the bidding process by better understanding known and potential environmental concerns, and help protect themselves from environmental liability.

Environmental RoadMaps are the industry standard for CRE whole loan pre-acquisition and pre-foreclosure due diligence.

* Reduces due diligence time and cost — because acquisition bid-to-win ratios are typically low.

* Sharpens bids – with concise explanations of the environmental risks.  Liabilities are monetized to factor easily into pricing models.

* Guidance for servicers  — provides asset managers with action steps and expected costs throughout the life of the loan.

Our customers frequently find RoadMaps pay for themselves during the bid process, and eliminate 50% of environmental due diligence time.

Bell Oldow, Inc. creates Environmental RoadMaps for thousands of CRE loans every year.   Environmental RoadMaps are available to sophisticated corporate and individual CRE investors. 

We specialize in providing data on assets marketed via internet auctions.

  • Transactions are absolutely confidential
  • Conclusions are completely independent of loan seller and brokers