Collateral Snapshot™

The Collateral Snapshot™ is a due diligence screening tool. Our nationwide network collects property level data on all property types, even when confidentiality agreements limit site access.  Bell Oldow organizes data across portfolios highlighting liabilities and opportunities.  Collateral Snapshot™ is often used for buying decisions, prioritizing an owned portfolio, and preparing assets for sale.

Bell Oldow summarizes site data with risk ratings plus estimated costs-to-cure and times-to-cure.  The Collateral Snapshot™ adds clarity to mortgage portfolios by combining:

  • Desk top environmental review
  • Boots-on-the-ground technical drive-by site inspection
  • Desk top valuation
  • Lien position analysis

The Collateral Snapshot™ is scalable and can be calibrated to fit individual client risk tolerances.  Given short due diligence periods and changing market and property conditions, the Collateral Snapshot™ is a powerful tool that provides a competitive edge. The Collateral Snapshot™ converts disorganized files and chaotic spreadsheets into an easy-to-read, color-coded charts.

The Collateral Snapshot™ allows clients to prioritize, segregate, and better understand the strengths and weaknesses of their assets.  Managers are empowered to make decisions concerning asset sales, purchases, warehousing, and workout.