Bell Oldow provides understanding of the physical liabilities of commercial real estate collateral.  Our products and services support reasoned investing.  Bell Oldow provides “the right amount of information” to ensure successful transactions.  Our seasoned professionals handle all commercial property types, nation-wide.

CRE Debt Acquisitions – Identifying liabilities of performing and non-performing assets, via internet auctions, broker placements and private transactions.

CRE Debt Origination – Supporting underwriting staff with desktop reviews and consulting.

CRE Debt Special Servicing/Real Estate Owned – Supporting asset managers with action plans and cost-to-cure data, and implementing remedial activity as appropriate.

Equity Acquisition – Satisfying all appropriate inquiry provisions for the purposes of qualifying for landowner liability protections under CERCLA.

Environmental Insurance Engineering – Supplying underwriting and engineering staff with baseline asset data collection and analyses.


Environmental Roadmap™

Environmental RoadMaps™ illuminate environmental liabilities with a risk rating system, and monetize those liabilities with cost-to-cure and time-to-cure estimates. Environmental RoadMaps™ are powerful environmental reviews designed for CRE whole loan acquisition and servicing.