Bell Oldow, Inc. is an environmental due diligence company established in 2010. The firm specializes in monetizing and managing known and potential environmental liabilities. Bell Oldow presents environmental liability and corrective options in terms of time, activity and cost.

Bell Oldow’s principals have deep industry experience and track records serving the CRE investment  community. The firm operates under the philosophy that environmental liability is a small, but often significant component of real estate investment decision making. The firm focuses on providing the critical information necessary to support the execution of investment strategy.

Bell Oldow serves professionals in commercial real estate equity acquisition and management, and debt origination, acquisition and servicing. The firm operates nationally for public and private investors, banks, insurance companies, and asset managers.

  1. We help our clients compete for CRE assets.
  2. We help protect our clients from physical property liabilities.
  3. We frame environmental liabilities using accurate cost-to-cure and time-to-cure metrics.
  4. We provide clear options and solutions.